Prayer time at Border

Expected 100-200 pastor/leaders to attend the experience for prayer. We have an army of chaplains.

3000 W. Military Hwy, McAllen, TX, United States

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Preach Tough Love…
"We have an Army"

We have an army of chaplains,We have an army of disaster-relief trained people. We have an army of children’s ministers and leaders who have background checks who are ready to come. We have an army of medical physicians and nurses and dentists that are believers who are just ready to give their time.

Army of Christians
"Changes come with hearts being changed, not with money"

Fermín García, pastor of the 7,000-member strong church Grupo Unidad Cristiana de México (Christian Unity Group of Mexico) in Tijuana, leads the NHCLC Mexico chapter. He is working to spread the message across Mexico pastor to pastor, and this week he met with leaders of the Foursquare denomination at their national convention in Baja California to give them copies of the media spots to share with their local churches. Radio - PSA Message

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Your action will make a difference in the life of a hurting childJoin The Cause!
Our Goals
  • 1

    To share the saving, loving and redemptive gospel of Jesus Christ with every unaccompanied child.

  • 2

    To deliver every unaccompanied child from the threat of human trafficking, abuse and extreme poverty.

  • 3

    To serve as the "Balm of Gilead" and facilitate healing to each border crossing child by providing ministry, counseling and Christ filled bible based support.

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